Hopefully below will answer any queries or questions you may have. If you can not find the answer you’re looking for, then please contact us.

HOW TO CARE FOR YOUR TEE / SWEATER2019-03-25T22:24:39+00:00

You can tell it bedtime stories and feed it milk and cookies if you want BUT we find the best thing to do is:

  • Wash inside out at 30 degrees.
  • Do not iron over print.
  • Wash with similar colours.

All of our products are printed to order. Please be sure when ordering you’ve selected the right size and design.
If the product is faulty please contact us straight away.

MY ITEM SMELLS LIKE VINEGAR!2019-03-16T17:03:35+00:00

All our products are printed to order. Meaning they’ve not been sitting on a shelf for months.

So what is that gosh darn smell!? Well, we could say it’s just a side-effect from the Witches curse that we put on all our prints…but that’s a big fat fib. The real reason is a lot more boring and nerdy.

The smell is caused by the fixation that’s used when printing. The print will smell vinegary or citrus like once printed. It’s totally safe and won’t smell anymore after one or two washes.


HOW LONG WILL IT TAKE TO GET MY STUFF2019-04-09T11:20:39+00:00

All products at Dumb Luck are printed to order (3-5 day production time). How long it’ll take to arrive at your crypt depends on where in the world you live and when you ordered.
Our products are sent via Royal Mail or DPD depending on how much you’ve ordered.

Once printed, the following are our delivery estimates.

T-Shirts / Sweaters
UK – 1-3 days
EU – 3-5 days
Int – 7 – 10 days

UK – 1-3 days
EU – 3-5 days
Int – 7 – 10 days

Anything embroidered (caps and beanies).
UK – 3-5 days
EU – 3-7 days
Int – 10 days

Once a products has been printed and left the depot we have no control over it. Ensure your address is correct when ordering.

In some cases there may be a delay in busy periods. Please allow an additional 2 days after estimate to contact us.